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$1 Minimum Payout!
Published on 27-08-2019

Dear Members,

We have lowered the Minimum Withdrawal Payout to only $1 for All Members.

  1. $1 Minimum Payout!.
  2. For ALL Members.
  3. For ALL Memberships.

GPTHero -Get Paid To View Ads.

GptHero Admin

1000 Members Promo!!! Add Fund and get 50% Bonus$$$
Published on 05-10-2018

Dear Members, GptHero Reached 1,000 Members~~~

***At first I want to Thank you for your great support. On the Achievement of 1,000 Members we have added a Deposit Bonus. Deposit and get extra 50% on your account.

Add Fund and get 50% Extra Deposit Bonus

Offer Limitations:

  • Add fund minimum is $2.
  • Every Members have unlimited offers.
  • 50% Extra bonus will be available for multiple times per member until the promo ends.
  • Promo Ends on 31/Oct/2018


GptHero Admin

CoinPayments added!
Published on 05-10-2018

A New Payment Gateway is added. CoinPayments is a famous Cryptocurrency payment processor. Now, the members of GptHero can add and withdraw funds through the CoinPayments. It enables members to deposit and withdraw funds on the bitcoin. Your deposit will be processed immediatedly and automatically.

Thank You



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