Frequently Asked Questions
What is GptHero?

GptHero is a Global Advertising platform and a get Paid To Click site Started since 01-Sep-2018.

As a member of GptHero you can earn money simply by watching advertisements and completing the simple tasks and playing games such as Head or Tail and Crack the Vault and etc. Participate and win prizes in the Contests.

As a Advertiser you can get quality traffic and sales makes your business growth constantly. Our multiple types of ads campaign will engage visitors.

How much can I earn?

There is no limit in the Earnings. You can earn unlimited money. There is more than 5 ways to earn money. If you are more active on GptHero then your earnings will be high. We offer multiple ways to make money.

What are the types of ways to make money?

There are 5 best ways to make money on GptHero.

1. View Ads 

2. ClixGrid

3. Revenue Share

4. Direct Referrals

5. Rented Referrals

What is a Referral?

A referral is a someone who is referred by you to this site. The Referrals work under you and works for you. You will earn 10 to 100% from your Referral Earnings based on your membership.

Direct Referrals:

You just referred them to this site through your referral links. They are your lifetime referrals and you will earn lifetime comiiscommfrom your referral Earnings.

Rented Referrals:

You just rented them for some money to work under you for some perid of time. These Referrals also make you money by their activities.

When and How I will get payment?

Your earnings will be send to your payment account shortly after you request the withdrawal. They payment will be processed within 5 to 10 days. The minimum withdrawal amount is $3. Current Withdrawal option: Payeer, Perfect Money, CoinPayments and Bitcoin.

How Revenue Share works?

If you invest some dollars on GptHero Revenue Share then we should use these money to the development of the company profit. And after that we should share our Company Revenue to the members who are invested. Our share is 125% Return from your Investment within the period of 60 and 90 days.

#1. For Example if you invest $10 then you will get a Return of $12.5 to your account. The return is based on the daily basis. That means You have receives the daily return from your Investment upto 125%.

#2. All types of members are allowed to invest in the company share. Upgraded members are allowed to purchase more than 10 Company shares.

#3. You can purchase Company shares by deposits or else money earned from your account activities.

#4. Contest Winning prizes are not allowed to invest in Revenue Share.

Contest Winners?

The winners of the Point and Referral contest will be announced at the end of the Contest day at midnight. After the announcement the prize money will be automatically added to the winners account.

Contest Winning Prizes?

The Prize Money will be allocated to Main balance or Purchase balance according to the Contest and Top Leading Members. The Prizes wil be shown in Contest Page-->[view prizes] section and also on the Forum.

Is I able to Withdraw the Contest winning?

If a Prize Money is allocated to Main Balance then the Members will be able to Withdraw these amount to there Payment Processor.

If a Prize Money is allocated to Purchase Balance then the Members use these Money to advertise or purchase any of the service provided by the PtcHero including Memberships, Rented and Direct Referrals.

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